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Reaching net-zero carbon
13 March 2017
Are renewables up to the task set by the Paris Agreement?
Brexit leaves certainty of uncertainty
19 July 2016
No one in the UK’s Leave camp had a real energy plan. So what now?
Solar to become largest source of electricity generation by 2050
1 October 2014
Solar energy could become the largest source of electricity generation by 2050 but only if world leaders set firm, long-term targets, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said
Iraq’s lingering power crisis costing $40 billion a year
22 April 2014
It will take longer than the government hopes to fix the country’s electricity problem
Iraq’s draft electricity law inadequate for task
14 April 2014
The government wants to expand power generation capacity rapidly, but proposed new legislation is inadequate for the task, say Luay Al-Khatteeb and Harry Istepanian
Emerging technologies spark energy revolution
20 March 2014
Innovation is happening more rapidly than expected – and it will vastly improve energy efficiency in the next few years
Book The World We Made dreams of a better future
21 October 2013
UK environmentalist Jonathan Porritt maps out his vision for a world that has broken its reliance on fossil fuels – and that vision has its merits. Book review by Damon Evans
Governments need to be smarter with energy policy
17 October 2013
Power generation spend needs to double in 20 years to meet surge in electricity demand
UK government sees shale as remedy
9 October 2012
The UK government has, for the first time since it imposed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing last year, signalled that it will support shale-gas production
Renewables’ rise alters gas equation
8 June 2012
The way in which gas is used is set to change fast, as the fuel develops into a natural partner for renewable energy, delegates at the World Gas Conference were told
Jordan presses on with shale-oil plans
30 November 2011
China, Jordan and the UAE will build a 900 MW power plant in Al Lajjun
Canada primes pumps for oil export boom
24 November 2011
Canada’s net oil available for export will hit record levels by 2035, driven by increasing oil-sands production, says the country’s National Energy Board (NEB).
Japanese utilities sweat over summer electricity demand
12 April 2011
Power saving and thermal plant shutdowns delay jump in fossil fuel demand
Middle East Gulf's nuclear shift begins
14 December 2010
The UAE is leading the way as the GCC states look to nuclear power to meet surging electricity demand and preserve valuable oil and gas for export, writes Ian Lewis
Renewables: Mideast Gulf states' actions yet to match words
14 December 2010
Mideast Gulf states have been bold in their rhetoric on plans to tackle global warming by developing renewable energy
Chinese grid creaks under the strain
28 October 2010
China's wind-energy programme has been a victim of its own success, as over-capacity, especially in remote areas, has put pressure on the country's under-developed electricity grid, writes Ian Lewis
Saudi Arabian power-sector expansion burns up crude
29 July 2010
SAUDI Arabia is consuming increasing amounts of crude oil in the power sector, burdening the country with an inefficient method of electricity generation
Saudi Arabian power expansion burns up crude
29 June 2010
Refinery expansions should bring perfect equilibrium to a kingdom as addicted to oil as many of its clients
Smartening-up electricity supply
1 October 2009
Google and GE are among those working on a new way of supplying electricity to homes and businesses – smart grids are hailed by some as a miracle cure for global warming, writes Conal Walsh
Getting the investment-risk balance right
1 June 2009
Nations with the most attractive subsidy and policy frameworks for low-carbon assets will have the greatest success attracting investment, write Ingrid Holmes and Tony White, senior associate and senior adviser, Climate Change Capital
Power from the earth's heat
5 January 2009
With an estimated 370 GW of untapped geo-thermal resources, US authorities are encouraging their development
SCO: More than a talking shop, just
1 October 2007
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is developing fast. But what it is becoming depends on which member you ask, writes NJ Watson