Petroleum Economist Latest licensing rounds The industry's most comprehensive list of current and recent rounds for onshore and offshore licenses Heavyweights lift Mexico's second oil round Drilling boom offers bright spot in otherwise bleak global oil exploration outlook Saudi Arabia gets a new next king Mohammed bin Salman will have a free hand as the next Saudi king but faces formidable domestic and regional hurdles. Oil policy is one Arab oil states: the devil's in Opec's data The group's latest figures show Gulf oil states' earnings have plummeted, while the region's population keeps rising Senegal—steady as she goes A ministerial departure and a supermajor arrival reflect the rising stakes in West Africa's latest upstream player, but the president is playing it cool More haste, less speed in Malawi? Malawi hopes to emulate its eastern African neighbours by making big hydrocarbons discoveries but progress is slow Energy demand stayed low in 2016, as the fuel mix shifted towards cleaner energy sources China and India accounted for almost all the growth, says BP, and global emissions were flat for the second year in a row Qatar's foot off the brake With an eye on Iran's rapid exploitation of the shared North Field, Qatar has lifted its development moratorium EV's good vibrations The Golden State prepares to tax petroleum demand into decline, promoting electric and zero-emissions vehicles Not so fast for EVs EVs will get a bigger share of the car market, but won't pose much of a threat to global gasoline demand Fringe engines Natural gas and fuel cell vehicles are not growing as quickly as EVs, for good reasons Batteries are streets ahead Batteries, not fuel cells, biofuels, or natural gas, are winning the race to power the next generation of cars Eastern Libya tries to wrest control of oil supply again NOC output growth plans threatened by renewed dispute The global oil-demand growth forecast for 2017 depends on a bumper Q4 Either Q1-Q4 crude consumption will rise at its fastest pace since 2010, or the data are very wrong Troubled waters in the Gulf The Qatar crisis has ensured that the region can no longer boast being an oasis of tranquillity East Africa—can we talk? East Africa's new oil producers could maximise the industry's potential by working together, but that's easier said than done Pemex showing signs of life Austerity and higher prices have helped put the state firm back in the black. Deeper reforms are still needed Brazil on the block The coming slate of oil auctions in Brazil will give the industry its biggest crack at developing the country's crude in two decades. But nothing in Brazil comes easy EVs supercharged incentives If governments want more EVs, they’ll have to pay consumers to buy them and manufacturers to make them—at least for now Canada looks to Beijing for new oil sands investment As IOCs flee, Ottawa hopes to lure Asian petrodollars back