Energy Market Review 2017
22 June 2017
Expert insight and guidance on key risk management issues. The energy industry is facing a series of challenges. Finding a clear path to managing these challenges is going to be no easy task. This 2017 Energy Market Review details these challenges and examines key risk management issues which energy companies will need to consider, including: - Managing people risk in the energy industry; - Managing offshore dismantling & removal risk; - Managing hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) risk; - Managing high temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) risk; - Managing retained risk; - Managing the risks involved in political change. Experts also look at today’s insurance market from the perspective of an insurer and round-up current developments in the global Energy insurance markets.
Harnessing the power of digitalisation to thrive in the ‘new normal’ of low oil prices
12 June 2017
The significant and sustained decline in commodity prices is forcing players throughout the hydrocarbon chain to rethink the way they have historically operated. Digitalisation allows oil, gas or chemical (OGC) companies to get a highly granular view of their assets which, when viewed in conjunction with data from more traditional business systems, can generate quicker and better insights to drive competitive advantage. OGC leaders need to make the right investments today to set them up for long-term success that can weather the industry’s cyclical ups and downs. They need to take a hard look at how they will deploy technology to transform the rule book by which they, and their customers, manage their operations to reduce costs and drive sustained profitability. This whitepaper shows how technological advances are revolutionising areas of the OGC industry and what you can do to benefit from new digitisation and optimisation opportunities.
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The quiet revolution: energy in the CEE
30 November 2016
In association with MOL Group, this report looks at the changing opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe
Collaboration in energy
1 October 2016
In association with Cotemar, this report takes a look at the benefits of collaboration in the energy industry
The North Sea: The next 10 years
1 September 2015
Whilst the north Sea is one of the most mature oil and gas basins in the world, it is a relatively new area of operation for MOL. This report looks at the opportunities there
Will the oil price recover in 2016?
22 April 2016
Petroleum Economist, invites you to view this exclusive webinar to find out where energy is heading in 2016 – and crucially the prospects for the oil price. Listen to some of the world’s leading opinion-makers as they share their exclusive insights.
Interactive World LNG Map
8 April 2016

First developed in 2012, Petroleum Economist's interactive maps build on the brand's reputation for cartographic excellence, while allowing users enhanced flexibility in how they use the information:

  • Zoom from global overview to country-level detail
  • Access project data, including status and ownership
  • Filter the map view to create tailored maps
  • Capture images for use in presentations and reports
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Asia Pacific LNG Map
8 April 2016

A detailed map of the region's current and future LNG import and export projects, plotted alongside comprehensive data on supply, demand and project finance to provide authoritative graphical analysis of the sector.

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Petroleum Economist glossary

The Petroleum Economist glossary is a comprehensive tool built to enable readers to better understand oil and gas markets.