Opportunities will come if Iranian nuclear deal is reached
26 February 2015
The possibility of an Iranian nuclear deal looms over the Gulf’s Arab states. It needn’t be feared, writes Robin Mills
Yemen political struggle causes problems for energy sector
26 February 2015
The seizure of power by Houthi fighters leaves the country and its energy sector close to collapse
Gulf states turn to plentiful LNG
26 February 2015
A region rich in gas is yet to figure out how to make the most of it
First solar powered plane set to travel the world in March
26 February 2015
Solar Impulse 2 has been named as an exploration to prove that clean energy flight travel is possible
Big shale: the rise and rise of American gas
15 September 2014
Despite patchy opposition to hydraulic fracturing, US output will remain the bedrock of global unconventional supply for decades
Boom-times for US refiners as output increases by 49%
22 April 2014
Over the past five years, US crude oil production has increased by more than the entire output of Nigeria
The Arctic land grab underway as the region opens up
20 February 2014
A region rich in oil and gas has many suitors, each with rival claims to the icy north
2012 Independent Storage Survey: ARA is better in Rotterdam
11 December 2012
The Rotterdam oil storage business has strengthened on the growth in long-distance trade