Oman's greenhouses to grow oil
27 February 2017
Oman is a leader in EOR and will soon bring in a powerful friend to help pump more oil—the sun
Game-changing FLNG to set energy markets alight
25 March 2016
In the final survey conducted by Petroleum Economist in partnership with Petronas at OTC Asia, we learnt that FLNG is going to reshape a growing industry as opportunities abound
Asian advantage drives offshore technology
24 March 2016
According to the second of four surveys conducted by Petroleum Economist in partnership with Petronas, Asia is leading the way in upstream oil and gas
Technological advances in the offing
24 March 2016
The first of four surveys conducted by Petroleum Economist in partnership with Petronas found a strong future – soon - for offshore technology
Shell launches Canadian carbon capture plant Quest
10 November 2015
The company has officially launched its Quest CCS project in Alberta, designed to store more than 1m mt of carbon dioxide annually
CEOs criticise European laws on hydraulic fracking
30 June 2015
The controversial technology was slammed in Paris at the World Gas Conference
Statoil launches analysis of carbon outcomes
29 June 2015
The major launched its fifth annual Energy Perspectives in June to assess the scale of the carbon emission problem
Protect technology development secrets warn legal experts
7 February 2015
Refinements in fracturing technologies are expanding the technique's potential, but as energy companies work on further developments, Jonathan Ball, Barclay Nicholson, Jayme Partridge and Mark Sajewycz argue they need to be mindful of protecting their intellectual property assets in order to remain competitive
Oil and gas sector needs to invest in clean energy, says advisor
19 January 2015
Advisor Wal van Lierop says the industry needs to get serious about investing in the future by transforming its outlook
Companies must change their strategy in the downturn
14 January 2015
Upstream developments are often troubled by cost inflation and over-runs. SBC’s Eric Janvier* argues that as discoveries become more marginal and oil prices continue to fall, oil and gas companies must take a closer look at project management – and change the way they select and execute project
Innovation is essential for affordable sustainable energy
18 November 2014
A Petronas executive has said the current model of competition is unsustainable
Uneven progress for world chemicals business
2 July 2014
The worldwide chemicals business is strengthening but Europe is lagging
Chemicals business is recovering but fears over profits remain
2 July 2014
The chemicals business cycle edged upwards in 2013 and there are hopes for more progress this year
New technology could cut the cost of carbon capture and storage
27 June 2014
Cooperation and collaboration are key to deploying the next generation of carbon capture technology
China looks abroad to FTSI for shale technology
12 June 2014
Texas based shale specialists FTS International have formed a 15 year joint venture with Sinopec
China still playing catch up with technology in the offshore
6 May 2014
Cnooc needs to master the technology before it becomes a major player in the South China Sea's deep waters
Germany's fracking moratorium could damage energy industry
26 March 2014
The chairman of company Wintershall spoke at a conference to warn of the actions
Carbon capture and storage technology moving forward
20 March 2014
The ‘unproven’ technology may finally prove its worth as projects around the world are getting the green light
Efficiency and innovation could slash energy demand growth
20 March 2014
Rising costs and improving technology will be the driving forces behind future energy
Emerging technologies spark energy revolution
20 March 2014
Innovation is happening more rapidly than expected – and it will vastly improve energy efficiency in the next few years
New technologies to make road transportation more efficient
20 March 2014
Rising fuel-economy standards, shifts in consumer behaviour and new technologies should make road transportation much more efficient, even as the total number of vehicles rises
Transparency may help win approval of shale protestors
5 December 2013
Hard-core opposition to fracking isn’t going away. But transparency and engagement can win approval for shale gas from the broader public
Public opinion the biggest obstacle to hydro expansion
17 October 2013
Hydropower has the potential to provide an abundance of low-carbon energy, but public opposition is derailing its expansion
Urgency needed as fusion energy moves closer to reality
15 October 2013
Researchers say commercial production ‘realistic’ by mid-century
Policy certainty crucial to growth of CCUS technologies
15 October 2013
Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technologies will become increasingly important as fossil fuels are expected to meet the bulk of global energy demand for decades to come, but major players in the sector need policy and regulatory certainty
In 15 years all new cars sold will be hybrids, says chairman
15 October 2013
IFP Energies Nouvelles chairman predicted the rise of hybrid cars at the WEC Congress