Exploration & Production
Slim pickings for Eastern European offshore
29 April 2016
Azerbaijan and Bulgaria are the main areas of European offshore activity east of the North Sea
Time for the Levant's moment in the sun?
29 April 2016
Politics have thwarted the region’s offshore promise so far, but the Zohr discovery has revived momentum
Russian production thaws
27 April 2016
It was keeping to the pledge not to lift oil output. Now the battle is to sustain recent highs
Pain in the Permian
30 March 2016
West Texas is the beating heart of US oil. Can it survive the price bust?
Explorers still chasing wildcats offshore Latin America
15 March 2016
Oil prices offer little encouragement, but unexplored areas around the continent are still drawing investment
For the majors, Middle East oil loses some lustre
15 March 2016
Poor investment terms, political risk and the weak oil price have made the majors less keen on the Middle East
Russian oil ministry sees a collapse in output
15 March 2016
Russia has repeatedly defied outsiders’ forecasts of imminent oil decline. Now the energy ministry is the one preaching doom
Shake up and share out
26 February 2016
If you’re an oil company executive looking to save money at a time of low oil prices and you’ve already pared your margins down to the bone, cooperation – sharing information with your fellow companies – should make a lot of sense
Heading south
25 February 2016
Outside Brazil, Latin American output is on its way down
Liquid, not solid
25 February 2016
Short of a full-on political decision to cut supply, the Middle East’s output will rise again this year
Flatlining in the FSU
25 February 2016
The region’s three big producers will have a mixed 2016. Russian output will hold steady, while Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan see small declines
Defying the gloom
25 February 2016
Canada’s oil sector is suffering, but output is still going to rise this year
Nearing the cliff edge
25 February 2016
As things stand now, US oil output is about to start dropping quickly. Almost 1m barrels per day could be lost
The storm nears in the North Sea
25 February 2016
UK and Norwegian oil output has defied gravity for the past year, but the slowdown will become plain in 2016
West Africa on the up
25 February 2016
Oil production will grow again in 2016, despite the downturn in prices
Asia past its peak
25 February 2016
China’s output will fall this year, the biggest loser as Asia’s oil production drifts lower
Production forecasts: falling, not freezing
25 February 2016
Welcome to our in-depth report on production forecasts
Colombia’s oil bust
19 February 2016
The Latin American heavy oil producer has had a stellar few years but will see output fall this year
Doubts linger in the Rovuma
19 February 2016
Mozambique offshore gas could transform its economy. But plans to use it domestically or build a lucrative export business have hit a number of problems
Why oil investors won’t be rushing into Iran’s upstream just yet
12 February 2016
Good reasons to invest in Iran’s energy sector abound. But for now discretion remains the better part of valour
Ruble crash may force Russian oil producers to offload foreign assets
10 February 2016
The ruble's collapse and slump in oil prices are forcing firms to shrink their overseas interests
Bears rule the gas patch
27 January 2016
Low natural gas prices will add to US producers' pain in the year ahead
US oil unleashed
18 January 2016
Export options will be limited for now, but America's crude producers could eventually lay down new trade routes to Europe and Latin America
Can the EU cope without Groningen?
7 January 2016
Output from the Netherlands’ giant gasfield, a stalwart of European gas supplies for decades, is falling sharply, increasing the continent’s need for imports
Still waiting for the UK's shale boom
7 January 2016
The reserves are big, the government supports it and frackers are keen. So where is the country's shale gas production?
Iraq’s expansion goals under pressure from lack of investment
11 December 2015
Ambitious production expansion plans under threat as a lack of investment in southern Iraqi infrastructure disrupts progress