South & Central America
IGU: gas the key to growing energy, climate needs
6 October 2009
The global gas industry is meeting in Buenos Aires to discuss its strategy to deal with climate change and expectations for rising consumption
Fernandez de Kirchner: gas sector vital for recovery
5 October 2009
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner calls on the gas industry to focus on "the real economy, production and investment"
Made in Brazil
1 October 2009
Pre-salt laws put Petrobras centre stage
1 October 2009
Petrobras says it's capable of developing Brazil's pre-salt oil and gas resources. The government is giving it the chance, writes Tom Nicholls
Price liberalisation spurs gas-drilling activity in Argentina
1 September 2009
A relaxation of wellhead gas-price controls has kick-started gas developments stalled by years of artificially low tariffs and government hostility to the industry, reports Robert Olson
Venezuela's oil revolution is stalling
9 March 2009
Falling oil prices are playing havoc with the ambitions of the world's petro-nationalist countries. Venezuela has some backtracking to do
Bolivia: Cementing new friendships
9 March 2009
President Evo Morales is making some headway with efforts to bolster dwindling foreign investment in the country's energy sector
ExxonMobil bids adiós
1 December 2008
As investment conditions worsen, private-sector oil companies are pulling out of Latin America. ExxonMobil is leading the way
Petrobras' pre-salt plans under threat
25 November 2008
The financial crisis is threatening Petrobras' plans to fast-track pre-salt reserves development, offering opportunities for foreign firms. China's CNOOC is among the interested investors, writes Robert Cauclanis
Cuba claims oil jackpot
1 November 2008
Brazil: Increased state control could deter investment
1 October 2008
PETROBRAS made a second discovery in the Santos basin's BM-S-11 block, offshore Rio de Janeiro, in September, writes Robert Cauclanis. The Iara field, the operator claims, holds 3bn-4bn barrels of recoverable reserves, of mostly light oil. The block's other discovery is the 5bn-8bn barrels of oil equivalent (boe) Tupi discovery.
Petrobras on top
1 July 2008
PdV has long been Latin America's pre-eminent oil company. But it is losing ground to Petrobras, writes Robert Cauclanis
Out with the old ...
1 March 2008
Venezuela's national oil company, PdV, needs investment partners for its ambitious projects in the country's Orinoco heavy-oil belt. China's state-owned CNPC may be among them, writes Robert Cauclanis
Energy reform takes another radical twist
1 March 2007
As he starts a new, six-year term, President Hugo Chávez has promised further nationalisation measures. Foreign companies face an uncertain future, reports Robert Cauclanis from Caracas
Argentine reform moves slowly
1 January 2007
For an economy that has recently been growing at 9% a year, it is remarkable how little energy investment has been made in the country, writes Robert Cauclanis
Bolivia turns screw on Brazil
1 August 2006
Argentina has agreed to increase the price it pays Bolivia for gas supplies. That will put more pressure on Brazil to agree to new terms, writes Robert Cauclanis