Europe & Eurasia
Albania's Albpetrol sell-off scrapped as accusations fly
6 March 2013
Albania's attempt to privatise the state oil and gas firm has stumbled
Evergreener lands: tough Nordic emissions reductions
27 February 2013
The Nordic countries are trying to eke out more fuel efficiencies, but it won’t be easy
Final decisions to be made for Shah Deniz expansion
8 February 2013
The partners in the Shah Deniz field must make two important decisions: a final investment decision for the Caspian gasfield's second-phase development and a pipeline to carry production to Europe
UK's vast shale gas stash could slash Europe gas prices
31 January 2013
The UK has vast shale-gas reserves that could cause domestic and European natural gas prices to tumble, according to a new report, due for release in the next few months
European unconventionals sector must forge its own path
3 January 2013
Shale gas holds enormous promise for Europe but producers must adequately address social and environmental concerns
UK gives fracking the green light but controls will be introduced
13 December 2012
The UK will allow hydraulic fracturing (fracking) to resume, but it will introduce more stringent environmental controls for the process, the government has said
Testing times for Swiss-based traders as scrutiny increases
13 December 2012
Switzerland struggles to adapt to increased regulation and transparency rules
European Commission sets out new road for biofuels
8 October 2012
The EC will limit the consumption of biofuels due to competition with food crops and land use
Tax cut on shallow-water gasfields due to lift UK gas activity
8 August 2012
The UK government has cut tax charges on large shallow-water gasfields
UK government plans a patent box regime
18 May 2012
UK government plans for a ‘patent box’ regime has a number of distinct tax advantages for energy sector firms
UK Budget provides lift for oil producers
25 April 2012
Budget policies look promising for oil and gas producers
How UK oil and gas policy was made
3 January 2012
The volatile history of UK offshore oil and gas policy provides a number of lessons for emerging producers
UK may join France in call for Iran oil export ban
24 November 2011
Crude import sanctions would hit southern European countries hardest
UK upstream investment in peril from legal and commercial hurdles
17 November 2011
Worldwide, oil and gas firms must jump legal and commercial hurdles to secure upstream finance. New UK taxes have raised the bar, threatening offshore development
US warned ExxonMobil of Kurdistan deal risk
14 November 2011
Shell asked UK government to help it secure contract in disputed region
KazMunaiGas EP’s $5 billion spending splash
26 October 2011
Kazakhstan’s KazMunaiGaz Exploration Production (KMG EP) is sitting on a large cash pile and looking for ways to spend it
UK firm lobbies Hague over Libya security deal
23 September 2011
NTC says Heritage Oil offer "unacceptable". Company’s go-between claims inside track with new oil figure
Battlelines drawn over UK energy tax decision
10 May 2011
Opposition to the UK’s controversial decision to increase taxes on the country’s energy industry has gained pace
Further complication for UK upstream tax regime
12 April 2011
The UK government is shooting itself in the foot by raising taxes on the upstream oil and gas sector
UK immigration reform a threat to North Sea operators
31 March 2011
Targets to reduce net migration to the UK could hamper upstream development plans in the North Sea
Gas gains on German vote
29 March 2011
Anti-nuclear sentiment powers Greens to Baden-Wüttemberg win; UK plans carbon-price floor
EU eyes increased CO2 reductions
28 October 2010
The EU is upping the ante before climate talks in Cancun with plans to hike emissions-reduction targets
Investor uncertainty in Kazakhstan
28 October 2010
Despite efforts to portray a stable upstream investment environment, oil firms, both foreign and local, are demanding clarity in Kazakhstan's fiscal regime
Turkmenistan puts its foot on the gas
30 September 2010
Turkmenistan is broadening its upstream options, renewing efforts to diversify gas-export routes and drawing in US firms
Bulgaria: Discoveries boost energy security
1 September 2010
MELROSE Resources says it could bring offshore gas production on stream as early as October after making three discoveries in Bulgaria's Black Sea waters, off the Kaliakra Cape. The finds could supply up to 20% of the country's gas needs in coming years
Poland: Plenty of shale gas, but problems, too
29 July 2010
Local shale-gas reserves could heat Poland for 200 years, but a lack of infrastructure and other obstacles, not least politics, remain