Cleaning up China's energy supply
1 December 2009
China's energy economy represents more than just a vast opportunity for the resource industries. The country's need for fuel is set to become one of the biggest geo-strategic issues of our times, writes Conal Walsh
India: the price isn't right
1 April 2009
Low crude prices could have allowed the Indian government to reform its domestic price-fixing regime, but political factors are likely to prevent such a change, reports James Gavin
Woodside urges carbon caution
1 October 2008
Plans to introduce a cap-and-trade scheme for CO2 emissions is facing opposition from energy companies, writes Ian Lewis
Asia rising
1 May 2007
As Asian economies and populations boom, NOCs are looking to Africa as their latest resource for supplies to match growing demands
Central Asia
1 November 2006
CENTRAL Asia is benefiting from the angst gripping energy consumers worldwide. Central Asian gas, regarded as too difficult to produce by all except Russia at the start of the decade, is now viewed as a desirable resource.
Package deal
1 October 2006
Forming a comprehensive energy partnership with Beijing – helping the government meet its economic, energy and environmental requirements – is the best strategy for investment in China, says Boston Consulting Group*
China and India battle for Myanmar's gas
1 May 2006
China and India have found themselves engaged in fierce competition for upstream and downstream positions across the globe as they attempt to lock in supplies for their growing economies. They are also locking horns closer to home in the pursuit of gas reserves in Myanmar, which, alongside Bangladesh, is one of the main new sources of supply in the region, reports James Gavin
Foreign affairs
1 January 2006
The world's 10th-largest economy is heavily dependent on imports for its crude requirements. But South Korea's state-owned oil company is gearing up for some ambitious exploration and production plays to boost the country's supply security, writes James Gavin
Home and away
1 July 2005
With GDP growth running at about 8% a year India's economy is booming. That is forcing the authorities to focus on how to meet future energy demand. Other South Asian countries are equally keen to secure energy supplies, writes Martin Clark
A greater game
1 March 2005
Chinese and Indian companies are coming into conflict in their search for new sources of oil and gas, with results that will have an impact far beyond their home turf, writes Cris Heaton
Feeling threatened
1 March 2005
Faced with a growing energy shortage, and unable to boost domestic production of oil and gas to any significant extent, India wants to import more gas from the Mideast Gulf and Central Asia, but pipelines from both sources would have to traverse Pakistan, while China appears to want all of Central Asia's gas for itself. Derek Bamber reports
Japan must do more
1 December 2003
No going back
1 December 2003
On 15 October, China became only the third nation to put a man into space, testament to the newfound confidence of this Communist colossus. But, with its surging economy, China will face yet more challenges in the years ahead as it grapples with a rising energy deficit and rampant demand, writes Martin Clark