What do young people think of the energy industry?
1 December 2009
What do students and young professionals think about the energy industry's sustainability, leadership and image? Tom Nicholls reports
Oil and gas investment crucial – IEA
1 December 2009
Progress at the Copenhagen climate-change conference to boost the use of renewables is essential, and so is increased investment in fossil fuels, says the IEA. Ian Lewis reports
Copenhagen: far-reaching climate agreement an impossible dream
2 November 2009
US involvement gives the climate-change summit in Copenhagen greater significance than previous global events, but the results will disappoint environmental lobby groups, writes Ian Lewis
EU steps up fight against piracy
5 January 2009
The EU launches offensive off the Somalian coast
News in brief
1 December 2008
A stitch in time ...
25 November 2008
There's a new peak-oil organisation on the block. Is it saying anything new? Does it matter? Tom Nicholls writes
Show us the money
1 October 2008
CCS is being held up as a way of cutting global CO2 emissions without radically changing the way big economies are powered. But serious doubts remain about how quickly it can be mobilised, writes Ian Lewis
Global scheme a distant prospect
1 August 2008
A harmonised global carbon market would help achieve significant cuts in GHG emissions, but uniting the fledgling schemes under development will not be easy, says Ian Lewis
US ethanol producers not out of the woods yet
1 April 2008
With the introduction of new legislation, prospects are improving for the troubled ethanol industry, writes Anne Feltus
Scramble for assets goes global
1 February 2008
As the scramble for oil and gas assets intensifies, international oil companies need to adapt to two related challenges: the resurgence of resource nationalism and stiffer competition from national oil companies as they expand beyond their borders. Alex Forbes reports