Too much of a good thing
1 March 2006
Times are still good for shipping companies, although weaker growth in global oil demand and rising fleet capacity could dampen earnings this year. Martin Clark reports
Majors shift position
1 March 2006
While there is no rush among oil companies to return to shipping, there are signs of a mini revival, prompted by the growth of LNG trade, writes Martin Clark
How shipping companies can insure revenue
1 June 2005
When shipowners consider insurance they usually have in mind tankers going aground, loss of cargo, pollution and reputation risk – think of Prestige, Exxon Valdez, Erika and Sea Empress. But the freight rates shipowners and charterers pay, or receive, have become less predictable and that has presented them with a new source of risk, writes Adam Sonin, head of shipping derivatives at ACM/GFI
A year to remember
1 March 2005
Last year will be remembered by oil-shipping firms for a long time to come for record profits and for being the year that Wall Street finally sat up and took notice of the tanker industry, writes Martin Clark
Disaster spurs investment
1 March 2003
European governments launched an assault on the tanker industry when the Prestige sank at the end of 2002, spilling oil along the Spanish and French coasts. But the haste to remove single-hull vessels from service could have a major effect on the industry, writes Sidney Holloway
Northwest Europe: an upturn
1 January 2003
For terminal operators at the gateway ports supplying the European hinterland, 2002 was a much better year than 2001. Uncertainties in the Middle East, an increase in the number of products grades, the return of contangoes and some new trading patterns have all helped business, Martin Quinlan writes
Building for the future
30 December 1998
The shipbuilding industry is enjoying a boom and the energy industry is driving much of the growth. Martin Clark reports