Refining & marketing
Refining returns to normal
1 July 2003
Although refining operations are returning to normal, sanctions have been lifted, the oil-for-food programme has been scrapped and crude output is resuming, plans to develop Iraq’s hydrocarbons resources are still dependent on the installation of a legitimate government and that could be some way off yet. David Townsend assesses the situation in the country
Still in a trough
1 July 2003
The recovery forecast for the second half of last year did not arrive, with the result that the big chemicals operators turned in generally depressing figures for 2002. The trough in the chemicals business cycle – while not as deep as previous down-cycles – is proving to be particularly stubborn, but there are hints of an improvement this year. Survey by Martin Quinlan
Singapore: busy, and changing
1 January 2003
Singapore consistently confounds the pessimists. Insiders had forecast that the growth of refining capacity in Asia’s boom economies would lead to a decline in the country’s supply role. In reality, Singapore’s independent storage facilities are busier than ever, Martin Quinlan writes
Strange economics, strange profits
1 September 2000
The refining business has seen an upturn in profitability this year, at a time when crude oil prices have been high. Various unusual factors are at work.
Supply-chain optimisation and the rewards of e-business
1 September 2000
By using modern supply-chain management and e-business to move from an organisation structured as a series of separate silos to one dominated by demand-pull, the refining industry would be managed more effectively and be significantly more profitable, write Kirk Williams, managing director, EMEA, supply chain division and Paul Horrell, director, petroleum industry business unit, AspenTech UK
Refinery throughput to fall
1 September 2000
Hopes that the profits slide has reached rock-bottom
1 July 2000
The worldwide chemicals business has been in a down-cycle for four years, and profits have been cut further by the costs of radical restructuring moves. But there are hopes that this year will see an improvement in the business climate.
Refining industry gets the e-business treatment
1 May 2000
To remain competitive in the age of the internet technology revolution, refining companies will have to change the way that they run their businesses. The future of e-business in the refining and parallel industries is coming into focus, and refiners are asking more questions about internet and e-business opportunities, according to Aspen Technology, a leading supplier of e-business systems for the process industries