Alaska gas plans advance
1 December 2008
Competition to construct a pipeline to deliver gas from the Arctic to US markets is intensifying
Nord Stream inches closer
1 November 2008
Gazprom's plan to supply Europe with two new pipelines has received an unlikely boost from the EU. But opposition is still strong, writes Derek Brower
Natural gas
1 September 2008
Taxing times in the Rockies
1 February 2008
New pipeline capacity is urgently needed to bring gas from the US' Rocky Mountains to market, writes Anne Feltus
Malacca alternative
1 February 2008
A crude pipeline that avoids the bottleneck of the Malacca Straits has plenty of appeal for Mideast Gulf producers shipping oil to east Asia. But any such project faces significant hurdles, writes Martin Clark
Russia stays one step ahead
1 June 2007
A gas-export deal between Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan tightens Gazprom's grip on Europe's efforts to diversify its energy supply, writes Derek Brower
Taking a stand
1 February 2007
Nord Stream's offshore route is unnecessarily expensive, environmentally dangerous and represents an opportunity for the EU to defend its ground against Russia, writes Robert Amsterdam
Iran listens for pipes of peace
1 February 2007
Tehran is hoping that its energy customers' need for oil and gas will override adverse circumstances – prices and politics are stalling progress, reports James Gavin
Elaborate, daunting plans
1 February 2007
Energy shortages are a growing threat in South America because pipelines are not being built fast enough to keep up with demand, writes Robert Cauclanis
Combating corrosion
1 February 2007
Industry backed legislation will lead to considerable investment in pipeline safety improvements in the US. Anne Feltus reports
New use for old pipes
1 February 2007
Disused oil and gas lines could play a useful role in carbon capture and storage – transporting CO2 from industrial plants for burial in oil and gas reservoirs. The North Sea is leading the way, writes Ian Lewis
Oil to flow east
1 January 2007
Russian plans to go east to replace the west in Asia
Natural gas
1 December 2006
Caspian: South Caucasus Pipeline ready