Droughts drive Brazilian LNG demand ahead of World Cup
21 March 2014
The hydropower system is producing at just 35% of capacity despite being in the rainy season
Gas shortage dents Australia's CBM-to-LNG exports
21 March 2014
Concerns are mounting as Australia's coal-bed methane (CBM) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects' production looks set to fall short of targets during the initial years
Tanzania edges along the LNG road after successful test
6 March 2014
A successful production test has raised prospects for Tanzania’s planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) complex, the location of which is due to be announced shortly
$1.2bn investment boost for Texas Freeport LNG
6 March 2014
Two Japanese utility companies have invested in the LNG project, which would fund a liquefaction trains for the project
Petronas to sell stake in Canadian shale-LNG project
26 February 2014
The company is in talks with two Asian companies to sell a 25% stake in its Canadian shale gas resources and proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility, the company's chief executive said
Development has started on pioneering Arctic LNG plant
20 February 2014
Novatek and Total's Arctic gas plant will be a true feat of engineering prowess
Chinese companies rediscover their appetite for LNG
13 February 2014
Doubts over a Chinese shale-gas revolution have made the country a key market
Pakistan eyes cut-price Qatari LNG to avoid crisis
13 February 2014
Gulf supplies look set to help satisfy the country's rising domestic gas demand
Woodside closing in on Israeli LNG Leviathan field
12 February 2014
The Australian company has agreed revised terms to enter the Leviathan field
Big spending to boost FLNG market, says report
14 January 2014
The day of floating liquefied natural gas is coming, and the technique is set to see a significant rise in investment
Total nets Papua New Guinea gas field prize
12 December 2013
The company has bought into InterOil's LNG fields
Momentum behind Mediterranean LNG exports is slowing
11 December 2013
While its neighbours push ahead with major developments, Lebanon lags behind
Rising demand growth means China will rely on spot LNG imports
25 November 2013
With the gas winter shortage, China will need to rely on imports. However, the country could snatch a low-price
Hopeful prospects for East African gas development
25 November 2013
Mozambique and Tanzania’s offshore is shaping up as a prolific – and easily developed – gas play
LNG suppliers must price flexibly due to demand uncertainty
15 November 2013
Suppliers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) must prepare to be more flexible with their pricing because of uncertainty over gas demand from Europe and Japan
Mozambique to become a global LNG power
25 October 2013
A world-class gas reservoir should make Mozambique a global LNG power. But the pace of development may be slower than expected
Japanese policy hurting the LNG market, Woodside claims
23 October 2013
Australian producer Woodside Petroleum has claimed the Japanese government is fuelling gas buyers’ rising losses and stalling the development of new projects
LNG demand set to grow almost 4% per year in Asia
17 October 2013
Demand for natural gas in the Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at 3.9% per year, hitting 1.46 billion tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) by 2035, up from 566 million toe in 2010, driving demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in gas-short Asia
Natural gas the ideal fuel for world’s urban future, says CEO
17 October 2013
Shell chief executive tells Asia that intelligent urban planning is key to managing energy demand
US LNG won’t change Asia dynamics but will bring diversity
15 October 2013
Industry leaders see diversification, not revolution, from new supply
Reality bites Asian LNG buyers over US supply
2 October 2013
Asia are slowly waking up to the fact that new supplies from North America will not be cheap – and nor will they flood the market anytime soon
LNG traders line up for Asian hub as Singapore takes the lead
2 October 2013
It might take at least a decade, but industry insiders believe Singapore is positioning itself to take the lead in the region's gas trade. But will the country be a physical trading location or a price-reference point?
FLNG’s hard sell amid political difficulty
25 September 2013
Pioneering floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) technology is poised to revolutionise the industry. However its success will not purely be a function of technological progress but its sponsors’ ability to navigate some politically choppy waters
US gears up for global repercussions of LNG export boom
18 September 2013
As the boom in US shale gas production continues to be felt in the country’s domestic economy, attention is increasingly turning to the international repercussions of the shift in the US energy sector. Dr Mark McClelland of global risk consultancy Maplecroft, considers the country’s options
US LNG exports take step forward as application approved
16 September 2013
Approval has been awarded to export LNG from Dominion Cove Point to countries that do not have a free-trade agreement with the US
Political challenge for Australian FLNG project
17 July 2013
The project, headed by Woodside and Shell, is facing difficulty amid premier's onshore push