Oil companies are betting on gas as the future
26 November 2014
Big oil companies hope to find buyers in Asia, where energy demand is soaring
US West Coast LNG projects try to win over Asian buyers
13 November 2014
Officials were in Tokyo in November to pitch the projects to potential investors
LNG prices are falling as the oil price drops
13 November 2014
Australian and US producers are feeling the pinch as the balance of power is tilting
LNG set to fuel transport says report
16 October 2014
Demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the transport sector will soar over the next 20 years, taking a 30% share of total demand for the fuel by 2035, a new report forecasts
Japan opens maiden LNG trading hub JOE
8 October 2014
Japan's first exchange for liquefied natural gas (LNG) has opened for business as it seeks to break a rigid price-setting system that has driven up its energy import bill in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
Petronas threatens to delay Canadian LNG project
7 October 2014
The Malaysian national oil company wants favourable regulatory and fiscal deal by October
Ophir targets 2019 start-up for Equatorial Guinea's FLNG
18 September 2014
Another substantial gas discovery was made in September, which has raised the planned capacity of the unit
Malaysia primed to rival Qatar in LNG market shake-up
5 September 2014
The country could overtake the world's largest producer - Qatar, by 2020
Growing pains for China’s onshore LNG producers
26 August 2014
With lower than expected demand, overcapacity and squeezed margins, the producers are having to scale back ambitions
Canada struggling with shale-to-LNG plans
21 August 2014
Exports to Asia will be key to monetising stranded Canadian shale gas, but plans are moving slowly
Demand favours low cost transportation from Marcellus
21 August 2014
Low natural gas prices mean the most viable plays remain those close to market
Traders place bets on Singapore LNG hub
8 August 2014
Traders are starting to take advantage of Singapore’s newly built liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal as they bet spot prices will rally from their lowest in three years
Coal-bed methane: Australia’s most important unconventional gas
8 July 2014
The potential of Australia’s coal-bed methane reserves will soon be realised and it could be home to one of the most prospective shale plays outside North America
Queensland to start operating CBM-to-LNG facilities
8 July 2014
The state is taking advantage of its vast coal resources to carve out a new niche
Australia needs to overcome soaring costs to keep momentum
8 July 2014
Australia, primed to be the world’s largest LNG producer, will need to overcome soaring development costs and tempt new buyers in India and Southeast Asia to keep momentum going
Australia will soon be the world's biggest LNG exporter
8 July 2014
Despite high development costs the country will soon be the world’s biggest LNG exporter – and offers plenty more in the upstream too
FLNG: Charting a new course with Shell's Prelude project
8 July 2014
Offshore liquefaction facilities can make Australia’s LNG sector competitive
LNG could overtake coal as Asia's fuel of choice
17 June 2014
Without a price on carbon, gas is generally seen as an expensive alternative to cheap coal. But the increasingly fungible nature of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and potential market innovations could see gas overtake coal as Asia’s fuel of choice
Russia LNG in prime position to grasp Asian demand
30 May 2014
The next few years will see the country’s gas exporters join the race for markets in Asia
The West's isolation of Russia has paved the way for China deal
12 May 2014
The gas deal could see the expansion of Russia's LNG business accelerate
Oil Search lands stake in PNG Elk and Antelope LNG fields
22 April 2014
The company has trumped the majors in the Papua New Guinea deal
LNG market shaken by emerging supply sources
17 April 2014
Factors affecting the future of global LNG supply are numerous and unpredictable, encompassing infrastructure development, financing, political risk and pricing. But, one way or another, it all comes back to what happens in the US
LNG’s giant Qatar braces for international competition
17 April 2014
Qatar is looking to strike export deals with new customers and extend existing contracts, as it adjusts to the influx of new supply to the global market from rival exporters
Pricing reforms could spur India’s LNG imports
17 April 2014
Moves to close the gap between domestic gas prices and those of internationally traded gas could boost activity in India’s under-utilised regasification plants
Japan casts net wide for LNG supplies amid nuclear uncertainty
17 April 2014
Japan’s government would like to reduce the country’s dependence on LNG imports for power by bringing the country’s nuclear plants back into operation. But public opposition and policy delays mean securing LNG from all points of the globe will remain a priority for some time yet
Asian buyers' uncertainty over LNG heightens supply-side risks
3 April 2014
Asian buyers' growing hesitation about committing to new long-term liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects has heightened supply-side risks, while putting a squeeze on potential supplies post-2020