Power to the buyers
4 April 2016
LNG importers now have the upper hand when signing new supply deals – and even rejigging existing contracts
LNG growth threatened by supply glut
27 February 2016
Weak prices and short-term abundance are threatening longer-term LNG supply growth. Demand needs to pick up
Power to the people
23 February 2016
As LNG growth plans fade, improving the domestic market is the priority for Nigeria to make use of its abundant gas reserves
RasGas-Petronet deal heralds a new era for LNG
13 January 2016
Buyers, not exporters, are now in command of an oversupplied market, as a new Qatar-India supply agreement shows
Using LNG as shipping fuel is a "game changer"
17 December 2015
Emission controls in European and North American waters mean more shipowners are ordering vessels that run on cleaner LNG, but it may remain a marginal fuel in global shipping without further instruction from the UN’s International Maritime Organisation
Caribbean markets turn to gas
7 December 2015
LNG may be about to make an impact across the Caribbean, with a number of suppliers looking to set up shop
Singapore sees LNG price indices expanding
17 November 2015
Pushing the development of regional Asian LNG trade, Singapore is encouraging local price discovery
BG invests further $1.2bn in Australian gas outlets
16 November 2015
Queensland Gas Company has set up an agreement that will feed the company’s LNG export prospects down under
Cheniere chief says LNG prices need to rise 20% to secure new investments
27 October 2015
Charif Souki, the chief executive of Cheniere Energy, said LNG prices need to rise another 20-25% to sanction new projects
Indonesia shopping for LNG to meet demand
20 October 2015
One of the world's biggest exporters of LNG is looking to buy 5-10m mt/year of the super-cooled fuel by 2020 to help meet surging demand at home
Santos share prices rise after GLNG starts shipping
19 October 2015
The price rise followed the maiden shipment of LNG from its $18.5bn Gladstone LNG export project
Trade deal opens new markets to US LNG
14 October 2015
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal was signed on 5 October, making it easier for US LNG to expand to new markets
Australian LNG: cost deflation offsets low prices
30 September 2015
Medium term outlook remains positive for country's LNG market
Asean LNG demand to grow five-fold over next decade
30 September 2015
Demand for LNG in the resource-rich countries that make up the Asean region is set to explode
LNG reached an equilibrium as supplies keeps coming
21 September 2015
With the low price of LNG offering little incentive to producers to commit to more investment, the focus upstream has been more than ever on cutting costs, but project deferrals are hardly being discussed
Browse floating LNG gains traction
23 August 2015
Woodside is increasingly confident on a Browse floating LNG (FLNG) final investment decision in late 2016
Cheniere Train 5 contracted to Total and Centrica
18 August 2015
Train 5’s capacity of 3.75m t/y has been contracted on a long-term FOB basis under sale and purchase agreements with the French major Total and Centrica
InterOil and Total agree LNG site
18 August 2015
The partners in the LNG project in Papua New Guinea have agreed the location for developing the Elk-Antelope gas field
US LNG sale presents new methods and risks
2 July 2015
The tolling model used by the US’ new LNG exporters means buyers must be careful with their due diligence
LNG Canada receives approval from government
30 June 2015
The two projects which will export LNG from Canada – LNG Canada and Pacific Northwest – moved nearer to start-up in June, but there are still some hurdles to clear
China’s natural gas demand sputters
18 June 2015
The country's natural gas production was expected to surge, but over the last 18 months it has slowed to cast doubt on investments
IOCs eye Petronas' 'plug and play' FLNG
8 June 2015
Petronas says they already have interest in their plan to charter FLNG vessels to IOCs
China’s Russian deal ‘a wake-up call’ for LNG sector
15 May 2015
The deal for a second gas pipeline supply could have consequences for the Asian LNG sector
Plenty of options for LNG as US projects grow
26 March 2015
As the US is poised to become a major gas exporter, operators are seeing a broader range of finance options, writes Inosi Nyatta
LNG price drop shift market dynamics
23 March 2015
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices have fallen partly due to the oil price crash
Papua New Guinea's LNG industry remains exciting
9 March 2015
Despite the prices being low, the PNG LNG industry has experts talking