At the pump
A transport fuel with a future
1 September 2009
Concerns over energy supply security, greenhouse-gas emissions and oil-price volatility are generating greater interest in natural gas vehicles, writes Ian Lewis
The ultimate recycled fuel
1 September 2009
The future-fuels puzzle
1 November 2008
No-one knows what the future of transportation will look like, but Shell's Jack Jacometti believes GTL fuel will form a big part of the puzzle. Interview by Tom Nicholls
An enduring spectacle – with a serious side
1 August 2008
Le Mans has been described as a "24-hour party with one hell of a race attached". But there is more to it than that. For the companies behind the racing teams it's a chance to try out engineering and fuels in a gruelling and very public arena, writes Alex Forbes
Diesel beats gasoline
1 July 2006
A diesel car running on a blend containing GTL fuel has won the 24-hour Le Mans endurance race. In a landmark year for GTL, it is a dream result for the industry. Tom Nicholls writes
New product hits the road
31 May 2006
The world's first commercial, large-scale facility to make GTL diesel – a high-quality motor fuel, never to have seen the inside of a refinery – is due to start-up this month. But, despite the claimed attractive economics of the new plant, plans for other facilities are making slow progress, Martin Quinlan writes
Gas price woes
1 January 2006
UK gas consumers had a shock in November when spot prices suddenly increased five-fold. They remained high into last month. With nine years of net exports having come to an end in 2004 and North Sea gas production forecast to decline fairly rapidly, some say price spikes will be a continuing feature of the UK market. Others say large-scale imports, through infrastructure due to be completed this year and next, could help to restore price stability, Martin Quinlan writes
Downstream business gets the high-tech treatment
1 June 2000
The downstream oil industry’s traditional business model focuses on selling the output of refineries rather than on satisfying customer needs. Control over the early stages of the value chain has historically been key to long-term success and profitability for the vertically-integrated major oil companies. However, the commodity nature of many refined petroleum products, and the pressures of globalisation are forcing companies rapidly to shift their emphasis, writes Neil Thomas, manager, energy practice, Arthur D Little, London