Global gas demand rises but coal is still king
25 June 2013
An International Energy Agency report says that rising consumption and low prices will drive this boost
BG warns major gas supply challenges need to be overcome
14 June 2013
New sources of gas are poised to flood the market and depress prices. But major supply challenges need to be overcome, writes Damon Evans
US pumps up oil production volumes by 13.9%
14 June 2013
The US is leading the way in oil and gas production growth
Opec's rollover: market tweaking in the hands of Saudi Arabia
3 June 2013
Opec maintained its target ceiling, and the market barely reacted
Replay of 1986 price collapse looms warns Chatham House
3 June 2013
Chatham House warns that the price of oil is heading for a crash similar to the one in the mid-1980s, when world oil prices fell by over 50%
Opec calm, but problems await as oil prices remain high
30 May 2013
Tomorrow's meeting looks set to be quiet, but that doesn't mean all is well for the cartel
Birol fires stark gas warning amid coal's competitiveness
30 May 2013
IEA chief economist claims rising coal use presents 'very real threat' to fuel's golden age
Opec crude supply increases to 30 million b/d
28 May 2013
Figures from the IEA report suggest Opec is likely to see spare production capacity build up over the next few years
Global oil demand is rising steadily
28 May 2013
With oil prices hovering around $103 a barrel, the market has found its sweet spot
Brent-WTI price spread at two-year low
28 May 2013
Crude futures were under pressure in May from seasonally weaker demand and a surplus of light, sweet grades in Europe
New US production is reshaping oil markets, says IEA
15 May 2013
The rise of US tight oil is revolutionising global markets in a way that will produce new winners and losers over the next five years
The case for caution on sustainability of US shale oil
14 May 2013
Analysts argue that while US unconventional crude output is surging, the industry needs to take a closer look at the sector's sustainability
Oil sands boost sees Canada book record output
9 May 2013
Production hit an all-time high in Alberta, which is generates the most oil production in Canada
Henry Hub natural gas price shifts to global benchmark
30 April 2013
US gas players face crossroads as North American natural gas is moving away from being a regional price point to become a global benchmark
Opec leads global oil production lower
23 April 2013
Troubles in Nigeria, Libya and Iraq contributed to the supply decline
Crude tumbles to nine-month lows on economic weakness
23 April 2013
Lower oil demand and seasonal maintenance at refineries has put pressure on the oil price
Oil buoyant thanks to supply risks, says IEA
12 April 2013
Prices have fallen, demand growth is sluggish and supply has rebounded in some key producing countries, but it may be too soon to declare a bear market
Oil-market sentiment is on the turn
27 March 2013
After pushing towards $120 a barrel in February, oil prices are fragile again. Macroeconomics, geopolitics, tepid demand and buoyant supplies are all beginning to weigh on Brent
Opec output bounces back as global supply increases
18 March 2013
Global oil supply inched up by 90,000 b/d in February, reaching 90.8 million b/d, as a rise in Opec crude production boosted supply
March may be a turning point as markets look fragile
5 March 2013
March has provided the turning point for market sentiment in the past. Do not be surprised if it does this year, too
Opec production hits 12-month lows
25 February 2013
Global oil production fell to 90.8 million barrels a day
China’s economic data supports crude prices
25 February 2013
Crude oil prices hit nine-month highs in early February as stronger economic data from China and seasonally cold weather boosted prices
Shale-oil output to hit 14 million b/d by 2035
19 February 2013
Global shale-oil output will see a steep rise over the next 20 years, according to a new report, writes Helen Robertson
Dips in output and prices dent majors’ results
19 February 2013
Improved refining margins prove a silver lining as big players unveil disappointing full-year figures
Plunge in NGLs prices add to US gas producers' woes
29 January 2013
North American producers have, since the collapse in Henry Hub prices, relied on higher-value liquids to offset low natural gas prices, but the hedge is ending
In Amenas attack and economic data boost crude prices
24 January 2013
Geopolitical concerns and seasonal demand bolstered crude oil prices in January