Opec must decide between market share and oil price
23 October 2014
The legacy of Opec’s high oil-price strategy is now plain: rising supply and weakening demand growth. The group must decide whether to rescue its market share or the oil price
Glimmer of hope amid the falling oil price gloom
22 October 2014
Lower oil prices will be tough for the industry, but good for the global growth and demand
Growing risks in the European energy market
25 September 2014
Richard Power, head of energy disputes at law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner looks at the key causes of disruption to the fast-changing European energy market, and the legal risks involved
Crude prices have fallen 15% in three months
24 September 2014
Lower oil demand growth and higher production rates have pushed the oil price down
Global oil demand to rise on non-OECD growth
14 July 2014
The IEA says demand growth will rise by 1.4 million barrels per day
IEA warns of looming energy investment shortfall
4 June 2014
A looming energy investment shortfall risks derailing carbon-reduction targets the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned
The next decade to hold greater international flows of gas
29 May 2014
Manas Satapathy, Nuri Demirdoven, Al Escher, and Muqsit Ashraf, of SBC, take a look at global gas markets over the next decade
Brent stays balanced in face of mixed demand picture
16 May 2014
The Brent crude market will remain balanced this year as growth in non-Opec supply will increase at a similar pace to global demand growth, industry leaders said
IEA says it will cost $44 trillion to switch clean energy by 2050
15 May 2014
A study by the International Energy Agency said it would cost trillions of dollars to be weaned off fossil fuels in the next 36 years
The Secret World of Oil book exposes the dark side of oil
25 April 2014
The new book tries to shed light on some of the industry's darker corners. Review by Derek Brower
Reducing carbon emissions should be a priority for the industry
22 April 2014
The energy sector must take a leading role in tackling carbon emissions – and it needs to act now
Cheap US LNG just a mirage argues Tri-Zen
17 February 2014
Asian-based gas specialists at Tri-Zen say potentially cheaper prices could lead to a supply shortfall
Prices remain strong but oil markets face testing times
20 January 2014
Brent has averaged $110.59 a barrel in the past three years. This is high by any historical measure. Even including the price run-up earlier this century, for example, the mean price in the 25 years till 2011 was just over $33/b
Supermajor BP declares the death of peak oil
16 January 2014
The supermajor sees energy landscape shifting as demand growth slows and new fuels emerge to challenge oil's supremacy
The Frackers tells of high risk and high reward in the US
20 November 2013
A new book tells the definitive inside story of the US shale boom. Review by Derek Brower
Opec pins hopes on China's cars and shale's failure
12 November 2013
The producers' group has released its latest oil outlook. And, as Derek Brower reports, the cartel has based some of its predictions on the unknown
IEA fires Southeast Asia warning to LNG markets
28 October 2013
Fatih Birol of the IEA said LNG markets would face strong competition from coal as demand increases
Dark outlook for green energy growth in Asia
17 October 2013
The prospects that Asia’s economic growth will be powered by green energy technologies are decidedly bleak, writes Justin Jacobs
China key to oil market pricing as the world's top importer
17 October 2013
Price agencies and industry leaders call on Beijing to lift veil on nation’s crude trades
We must strike the right balance, says CEO at WEC Congress
17 October 2013
The power sector needs to juggle reliability, sustainability and affordability, says Dr Suess
Unless there’s a magic solution, emissions will rise, says WEC
15 October 2013
WEC’s Rose warns CO2 increase ‘inevitable’ unless policy-makers act
IEA sees strong demand in 2014, non-OECD overtaking OECD
11 July 2013
Emerging markets will once again lead oil demand growth in 2014, with surging North American production helping to meet record consumption
Oil market projections could be too optimistic
11 July 2013
IEA and Opec projections for strong demand growth in 2014 rest on assumptions for economic growth that could prove far too optimistic
Crude prices under pressure from economic strain
3 July 2013
The lack of economic growth will limit oil demand growth, says IEA
Analysts turn bearish on oil prices amid sluggish economy
25 April 2013
Analysts are lowering their oil price forecasts for this year on expectations of ample supply, weak demand and a sluggish global economy
Energy price volatility is the new normal for market
17 January 2013
As water shortages, greater competition for resources and climate change tighten commodity markets, the old pricing certainties no longer apply