Nuclear decommissioning: the problem that won't go away
3 August 2009
As governments across the world build more nuclear power stations, disposing of the old and dirty reactors is becoming big business, writes Conal Walsh
Nuclear power set for a US revival
3 August 2009
The US' nuclear-power sector continues its revival, amid rising energy demand, and the need to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and energy imports, writes Anne Feltus
Italy planning a nuclear renaissance
1 February 2009
Of Europe's large industrialised countries, Italy has to fight the toughest battles to secure its energy supplies. For many years hopes have been pinned on gas – but now nuclear is back in the picture
UK: Areva sets out its nuclear stall
5 January 2009
France's Areva is stepping up the drive to win orders for its European Pressurised-water Reactor (EPR) in the UK
Going nuclear
1 August 2008
Countries in Southeast Asia hope nuclear power will cut energy-import bills, but the economics may not be as favourable as some might think, writes NJ Watson
UK: atomic momentum
1 May 2008
A new generation of nuclear power stations is at the heart of the UK's plans to cut carbon emissions and make its energy supplies more secure, says the government. Derek Brower reports
Poles apart in Baltic struggle
1 May 2008
Lithuania is making a last-ditch – almost certainly doomed – attempt to keep open its Ignalina nuclear plant. Without it, the country faces power shortages and increased dependency on Russia, writes NJ Watson
Japan pays a high price for nuclear setbacks
1 March 2008
The shut-down of two nuclear plants has forced utilities to pay high prices for spot LNG cargoes. But with negligible indigenous energy resources, import-dependent Japan has little choice, writes Ian Lewis
Prevention better than cure
1 March 2007
It isn't clean or safe and isn't the answer to the world's energy problems, says Helen Caldicott, a leading anti-nuclear campaigner. Interview by Derek Brower
Fission back in fashion
1 March 2007
Worries about climate change and energy security are leading a revival for nuclear energy. But is it the panacea governments are seeking? Derek Brower reports
Pushing the nuclear button
1 March 2007
Who is leading the growth in nuclear energy? And why? Derek Brower reports
Competition heats up for uranium
1 November 2006
High oil prices have fuelled a revival in the nuclear power industry and the scramble for Central Asian energy resources has broadened to include uranium, the feedstock for atomic plants
Nuclear: no easy ride
31 May 2006
Nuclear energy is growing in popularity again. But securing financial support for a notoriously capital-intensive technology is not easy, writes James Gavin
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