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Stakeholder Communications Programme of the Year, 2016: Lloyd’s Register Energy

Lloyd’s Register Energy wanted to deliver invaluable insights to, and maintain dialogue with, global energy leaders, establishing it as the voice of the industry.

However, Lloyd’s Register had limited exposure in the energy space, brand awareness beyond the existing client base was limited and Lloyds was not recognised as an authority in the energy market. This perception needed to change.

To address this, Lloyds initiated a content marketing-led thought leadership campaign.

The campaign involved running content workshops with an internal team, establishing goals, KPIs and timelines, the creation of key audience personas, the development of campaign messaging, channel plans and an amplification strategy.

Lloyds developed four key themes that appeal to the target audience, inspire them to read more and engage more effectively with the brand. This Oil and Gas Technology Radar study, involved in-depth interviews with 13 industry leaders and a survey of 257 oil and gas professionals to allow readers to better understand the market.

The research was a unique approach for the industry, gathering and sharing insider views, rather than analyst reports. It formed the bedrock of the campaign, supported by social media promotion.

Building on the research, Lloyd’s Register held briefing events at five key energy hubs around the world, giving senior executives a forum to discuss the findings. The organisation then created a series of executive briefing papers, launched industry polls and a series of technical papers, released in print and digital formats to great acclaim.

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