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Minister of the Year, 2016: Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza continues to execute Bahrain’s objective of achieving a balanced energy mix, by the implementation of forward thinking, sustainable projects, ensuring safe operations, a cost effective and affordable supply of energy to the country, and introducing new emerging technologies to build a socially responsible and green economy.

Mirza’s mission to build networks and knowledge sharing platforms with partners across the global energy sector to help drive new and innovative solutions is key to Bahrain’s ambitious targets of reducing its carbon footprint by 2030. He has wholly adopted the United Nations Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals to ensure a prosperous future for the kingdom’s energy sector.

In this past year Mirza has announced a historic agreement to build a floating liquified natural gas facility with substantial capacity, a gas supply agreement between BAPCO and ALBA and worked on a contract for a new enhanced capacity oil pipeline project, linking Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. He has also taken steps to get a number of utility and social housing energy projects off the ground.

Aligned to Mirza’s philosophy, commitments to sustainable growth and energy policies remain the cornerstone of national, regional and global efforts to pursue long-term development and durable relations. His commitment to global regulatory and governance standards, promotion of greater accessibility to natural resources and understanding of pressures facing the oil and gas sector have helped drive Bahrain’s growth on the international energy stage over the course of the last year.

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