Company profiles
A shrinking giant
1 March 2005
Cantarell, Mexico's largest oilfield, has reached peak output and will soon enter sharp decline. Meanwhile, Pemex, the money-losing state-owned monopoly, is being bled white by an antiquated tax regime and, some say, could become a net oil importer in the near future. Can Mexico retain its place as a major energy supplier? Robert Olson reports
Defying the sceptics
1 February 2005
Newfield Exploration, set up in the late 1980s to focus on oil and gas ventures in the Gulf of Mexico, has grown rapidly since 2000 through a series of bold acquisitions. It is now a $5bn enterprise. Anne Feltus talks to David Trice, co-founder, president, chairman and chief executive
Toughing it out at Yukos
1 December 2003
Seduced by oil
1 September 2003
Next month, Ramco Energy expects to land gas, its first production as operator, from the Seven Heads field in the Celtic Sea, off the south coast of Ireland. By world standards, the new supply is important only to Ramco and to Ireland. But it could all have been very different, even though the founder and executive chairman of Ramco Energy, Stephen Remp, is a fourth-generation US oilman, reports Derek Bamber
Trouble at Vopak
1 March 2002
At 125 it’s still growing
1 June 2000
At 125 years old, Conoco is ageing well – in fact, it’s looking better than ever. A fully-integrated oil company, based in Houston, its operations extend across five continents. A venerable mainstay of the US oil industry, it has regained its independence after 18 years as a subsidiary of DuPont. In the meantime, it has reinvented itself, achieving a dramatic improvement in performance that won it the 1998 top rating for exploration and production from Schroders, which had put it in 15th place – the bottom of the list – in 1992.
High-quality, long-life assets
1 June 2000
An El Dorado, Kansas-based independent energy company has turned the tables on Murphy’s Law: “What can go wrong, will.” In fact, everything seems to be going right for Murphy Oil Corporation.
Ringing the changes
1 February 2000
Petrobras’s directors appear aware of the changes that need to be implemented to create a new company, but admit the task is large as a monopoly culture dating back 40 years is unravelled.
A change in focus
1 February 2000
Now that Brazil’s upstream sector is being opened up to foreign participation, Texaco, which has been involved in the country’s downstream sector for nearly 40 years, is heading upstream.